What can Advani do?

June 10 2013

Advani is upset with NaMo on various issues. The biggest issue for Advani is that Modi’s strategy is like a double-edged sword for Advani’s constituency Gandhinagar in Gujarat. Advani has, on several occasions, asked Modi why Gandhinagar in the only seat in the state where the Congress has managed to hold its sway in local municipality elections. Gauging Modi’s intentions, Advani has changed his election attention to Bhopal. Shivraj is there, there is no danger of internal strife and a large number of Sindhi voters are an added advantage. But will Advani really contest the elections? The question is an important once because Sangh is still stuck to its ruling that any saffron leader above the age of 75 should not contest the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The Sangh wants that such leaders should transform themselves into the form of guardians for others in the party. If that is the case, Narendra Modi should indeed get the blessings of Advani.

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