What are these cables?

March 22 2011

How did Wikileaks ever get hold of these confidential cables? Every Embassy, under a protocol, has the liberty to send cables to its country in coded language. There are five mediums for this – regular telephone (but it runs the risk of phone tapping), hotline, internet, satellite phone and wireless. Satellite phones are monitored by the US itself and thus, it too isn’t reliable. The internet is teeming with hackers. So the medium that is most reliable is wireless, wherein the message comes from the encryption centre in a code and the recipient gets the message after deciphering it. The method is still manual in other countries but computerized in the US. In the American State Department, there are separate desks for different countries. These computerised messages are captured in the computer and then can be heard after decoding. Wikileaks has found a way to get to these codes and is able to decode these codes from different countries. The entire matter is, thus, about these codes being hijacked.

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