We will be President, too

March 25 2012

The race to President’s post is only becoming more interesting. Recently, Sardar Prakash Singh Badal has also given his name for the post from the NDA. BJP is already trying to build a common consensus for APJ Abdukl Kalam’s name. Mamta Banerjee has forwarded Gopal Krishna Gandhi’s name. Didi has to say that if not the President, he can at least be made the vice-president. In a message to the Dalit voters in the country, Congress is toying with Meira Kumar’s name. The party feels that it will at least get the support of the BSP for Meira’s name. The BJP is staunchly against the idea of Vice-President Hamid Ansari being given the President’s post. The party has clearly questioned his decision to adjourn the Parliament on the Lok Pal issue. Where the vice-president’s post is concerned, the BJP has said that it will happily support the name of any non-Congress person who has not been named in any controversy. The new name that has emerged in the race is that of Justice Dalbir Bhandari. It is worth noting that several of Bhandari’s decisions have been widely discussed.

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