Was Tejaswi alerted in advance?

April 07 2023

The coming time can be difficult for Tejashwi Yadav. The BJP is trying his best to ensure that investigating agencies make up the cases against Tejashwi in any way so that it gets stamped in the court as well and he is disqualified from contesting the elections. It is said that some officers of Bihar associated with the investigating agency had already warned Tejashwi that ‘he should get his papers in order as soon his family will be attacked’, but Tejashwi took his words as a joke. After this, RJD’s Rajya Sabha MP Manoj Jha organized a tea party in honor of Tejashwi at his home in Delhi, in which, apart from leaders of various parties, a former director of IB also attended. This former director is also from Bihar. That former director had cautioned Tejashwi only then, saying, “The entire team of CBI and ED is going to come to your house for investigation.” Tejashwi then made fun of his words by saying that ‘Pandit ji, keep in mind that we are not pandits. If they come, we will beat with sticks.”

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