Warning for UP Ministers

August 08 2017

The changing political season in UP was also seen in Yogi’s cabinet meeting. In one of the recent ones, he simply took off and growled that even the slightest bit of corruption will not be tolerated. He stressed that he has already met the PM and discussed this and the latter has given his clear green signal. He did not forget to say also that the current ministry has been imposed upon him, and if the ministers did not perform as desired within the next three months, then he would sack them and get his own ministers in. Yogi is mighty peeved with one of his lady ministers for having allocated a Rs 300 crore project to her favourite company without calling for a tender. Yogi personally has a clean image and he feels that no spot of corruption should taint his government. Insiders reveal that he has drawn up a list of about a dozen ministers who he suspects of foul play, and has asked investigative agencies to check them out.

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