War Indications

January 02 2017

In the January edition of Parliamentarian Visti Larsen, an astrologer from Denmark has predicted Narendra Modi’s future. According to Larsen, in the upcoming five assembly elections Modi might have to bear the brunt of his policies. This shows that BJP may perform below the expectation in the elections. The after effects of demonetization will be apparent till May 2017. From September 2017 to beginning of 2018 India may have strenuous relations with its neighboring countries China and Pakistan. There is a possibility of small fights too. In Tula Chakra Dasha when the next general election of 2019 will be held Narendra Modi could again be elected to power. Visti Larsen says on Rahul’s future that in 2017 he will rise to highest position in Congress and will likely become its President. The significance and impact of opposition parties will burgeon. Rahul Gandhi may emerge popular; however his own health also becomes focal point as he needs to be more cautious in second half of 2017.
In the same edition of magazine, the prediction of Professor KN Rao is published magnificently that this year can mark the war between three nuclear enrich nations. China may attack India embracing Pakistan. There may be some border issues, In Bangladesh Shiekh Hasina’s moderate government could be replaced and fundamentalist came to power. This might be jeopardy for India. The astrologer Dr. Ajai Bhambi indicates tremendous changes ahead. So the country’s ethos will be tampered with the issues taking centre stage in 2017. Youth will get awakened and some movement like an Anna movement can be seen in 2018. The year 2017 will throw ample challenges to Amit Shah’s leadership.

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