Virtue ails, India suffers

March 01 2016

Words such as cleanliness, transparency, and purity are losing their meaning and importance under the aegis of the most honest prime minister. All that used to happen in the past governments is happening during this government’s tenure as well. Surely, it isn’t a coincidence that the Modi government is also trying to look after the vested interests of its favoured moneybags? Take, for instance, the matter of one man with deep pockets, and who is in the pharma industry. Due to the government’s new drugs policy, his company, which was number two in terms of giving donations to the party for the Lok Sabha elections, is experiencing a great time. According to sources, of the prices of 61 drugs that the Modi government has decontrolled in the past few days, 29 belong to this company. This means that after the government control over the prices of these drugs has been lifted, the company has the freedom to decide the prices itself, and it is doing just that. For instance, the price for TB drugs have been increased more than five times; in this poor country, does a rich man ever get infected with TB? In the US, when a company increased the price of AIDS medicines by 50 times after the government control was lifted off them, the senate there created a big hue and cry about it. The Parliament is functioning in our country, too, but which Parliamentarian is interested in talking about it; after all, companies know how to shut their mouths.

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