‘VIP route’ overshadows Kharge’s public court

June 19 2023

Party people have a common complaint with Congress National President Mallikarjun Kharge that it is difficult for the common workers of the party to meet him. On the other hand, many other senior party leaders like Pawan Bansal like to meet party workers regularly. So, keeping in mind the sentiments of the party workers, one day suddenly Kharge announced through his social media platform that he will organize his Janata Durbar on this Thursday i.e. June 1, which will be convened at the party office at 24 Akbar Road, New Delhi where even a small worker of the party can meet him without taking time and can speak his heart. Kharge’s message had a wide impact among party workers and they marched towards the party headquarters in large numbers on Thursday. But look at the coincidence, on the same day at 9 am, ‘VIP route’ was started on Akbar Road and policemen were deployed on a large scale around the Congress headquarters. Because on the same day the Prime Minister of Nepal Prachanda Dahal Kamal was to meet our Prime Minister Modi at Hyderabad House. Usually, Akbar Road is kept free from ‘VIP route’ to go to Hyderabad House, but on that day this route was preferred, so a large number of workers could not enter their Congress headquarters. But only a few who could reach the Congress headquarters and interestingly, they were only treated to a few photos and were then moved away. They could neither speak their hearts out to Kharge nor could Kharge listen to what his party soldiers wanted to say to him. Just pay attention to this series of coincidences that as soon as the public court of Kharge got over around 2 o’clock in the day, the policemen standing outside also lifted their tents from there.

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