Varun: His father’s son

May 04 2014

Quite contrary to his sister Priyanka, Varun Gandhi is going about his election campaigning in Sultanpur extremely seriously. Sources reveal that Congress people are also involved in his campaigning in a significant way. Seeing his, Sultanpur’s Congress candidate Rani Sahiba, that is Amita Singh is shocked. Amethi district was once a part of Sultanpur. After the division, most of the industries and businesses went to Amethi. Sultanpur only has a sugar mill, which is running a loss of Rs 10.5 billion. As a result, a big number of youth is migrating out of the area in search of employment. Varun is raising the issue in a big way in his rallies.

The most significant thing is that the old people in Sultanpur see Varun’s father Sanjay Gandhi’s resemblance in him. During his public interaction initiative, when Varun Gandhi went to a veteran Congress leader, who is also a former Parliamentarian, saw such a strong resemblance of Sanjay Gandhi in his son that he got emotional and started crying. Varun Gandhi’s eyes, too, brimmed over with tears and the entire atmosphere became so emotionally charged that everyone had moist eyes. The former Parliamentarian addressed Varun in the vernacular and said, I know both sons (Varun and Rahul) will win.” Varun is talking about Sultanpur being his karmabhoomi and is in a face-off with BSP’s candidate Pavan Pandey. Pandey has a negative image and there are no less than 30 criminal cases against him, which deal with everything from rioting to murder.

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