Vanquishing the Badshah

December 15 2017

It was strange turn of events during the run-up to the recently concluded annual election to the Press Club of India. The panel floated by renowned journalist Badshah Sen and Jatin Lahiri took a massive kick from the Gautam Lahiri panel, which swept in. As things went by a sinister conspiracy has surfaced. Apparently a day before the polls, some 150-odd senior scribes were called up by a top Sanghi leader, who requested all of them to ensure the victory of the Badshah panel. Immediately, Sens, who was till then the anthem, became anathema to the largely Left inclining press corps and got the drubbing. When Sen’s men got to hear this, he called up the famous Sanghi leader and asked that since his panel has no connection at all with RSS, why did the latter make such calls? The man simply said, he really wanted Sen’s panel to win! Now Sen realises the root of the problem, especially since the panel that has won has shown a clear soft corner for the Sangh.

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