Vajubhai for Gandhi Nagar?

December 19 2017

The Modi-Shah duo is thrilled with the results of Gujarat, so the rumours are rife about who is going to be the next Gujarat CM. There was some talk about Amit Shah himself being anointed CM. But sources tell us that Shah had declined this and explained to his confidants that if he does become Gujarat CM, it will add so much firepower to the Rahul Gandhi arsenal, who is sure to link that to the recent expose on son Jay Shah’s alleged corrupt deals. The name that has emerged the strongest is Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala. Apparently, he was given a call from Delhi and told to wrap all his important pending work before December 18, for he might have to resign his seat. This was shocking news for the ardent Bhakt of Modi. Later he was told that the party is contemplating making him the Gujarat CM. That too did not sit well with the senior politician. The 78-year old knows well that in Modi’s BJP, the rule is that all leaders above 75 are shown the door to the toothless Margdarshak Mandal. In fact, the reason given to the previous CM Anandiben Patel for her ouster was also this age factor. Vajubhai is a man from the backward community and has won seven times from the Rajkot constituency. In fact he quit the constituency as a ‘safe’ seat for Modi in 2002. He is known as a grounded person who has remained honest. He is the apple of Modi’s eye, and he had been the speaker of the Gujarat assembly between 2012 and 2014, when he was sent to Karnataka. Informed insiders say that by selecting him for the post, Modi wants to send a message to the backward communities that the BJP had always been deeply concerned about them, so they should not fall in Congress’ emotional blackmailing!

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