Uttarakhand’s answers

March 22 2016

The Congress government in Uttarakhand might have got a scare because of how some party veterans and MLAs supported by them are upset with the party and are showing signs of rebellion, but the party high command has not given up yet. It is trying to repair the damage. Sources say two heavyweight leaders Vijay Bahuguna and Harak Singh Rawat have a big role to play in fanning the rebel fire. Vijay Bahuguna wanted a Rajya Sabha seat for himself, while Harish Rawat was insisting on Congress State President Kishore Upadhyay’s name in place of Bahuguna. The matter now rests with the party high command. On the other hand, Harak Singh Rawat has been pushing two women leaders’ name for the coming Assembly elections. One of them is of his own wife Dipti Rawat, who is also the president of district area. The other name he is lobbying for is Lakshmi Rana, who is the president of the district area from Rudraprayag. Also, several senior leaders in Delhi are hoping for a Rajya Sabha seat from Uttarakhand. The ball is now in the high command’s court.

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