Upheaval at home about Sangma’s legacy

May 17 2016

Prominent north-east leader Purno Sangma’s home is witnessing upheavals regarding his legacy. Both his daughter Agatha and son Conrad are staking a claim to the important Meghalaya seat. While Conrad wants to go with the BJP or BJP-supported parties, Agatha, who has been a minister in the UPA government in the past, wants to go with the Congress. Sources say she met with Sonia a few days ago and asked for her support. Agatha also wanted Sonia should speak to her mother at least once. But Sonia refused to get involved in the matter and said, “Get a consensus within your home. I don’t want to get involved in your domestic matters. We have no problem in giving you the Congress ticket, but your family should come to a conclusion on whether it wants to go with the BJP or the Congress.” Agatha came back with a small face.

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