UP to BJP?

November 06 2016

It seems BJP is on the roll in UP. Special lieutenants have been assigned to ensure that Amit Shah’s strategy is a success. Sunil Bansal, Shah’s Man Friday, is at the rudder. The saffronites have indicated that the elections in UP should take place in February, so that the party can finalise its candidates in December. BJP has identified 60 seats where it is on sticky wickets. Shah feels that tickets for these seats should go to those who have recently joined the party’s Gold Rush. In 100 seats, Musilms call the shots. The most interesting thing is that almost in all these seats, both BSP and SP have fielded their candidates. In fact, BSP has replaced half of its earlier candidates to field Muslim candidates. Pundits opine that this may benefit the BJP, splitting the Muslims into SP and BSP camps.

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