UP Parliamentarians upset

July 24 2016

Those politicians who have been lucky enough to become ministers got a party message a few days ago. It said that they should ask the communities in not just their own constituency, but of the three districts adjoining their constituency, to organize events in their honor. Obeying party orders, Dr Mahendra Prasad Pandey, Krishna Raj, and Anupriya Patel organized events to themselves in the districts adjoining their constituencies. Anupriya organized it in Kanpur, Allahabad and Mirzapur, while Dr Pandey in Chandauli, Varanasi and Gorakhpur. But only a handful of people could be collected for these events. Sources say that upset this the turnout at these events, Anupriya Patel complained to the party prabhari Sunil Bansal over the phone, saying even local Parliamentarians didn’t deem it fit to attend the event. Bansal hurriedly made a few phone calls to some such Parliamentarians and asked them why they hadn’t attended the event. The reply shocked Bansal to the core: “Why should we come? We weren’t made a minister, after all!”

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