Unrest in the home minister’s home

August 23 2015

Uttar Pradesh’s sharp-as-nails and heavyweight BJP leader Rajnath Singh may well be the second-most important person in the Cabinet, but he is unable to do much in his home ministry. So much so that a joke doing the rounds in the political corridors is that he is only an NDRF (disaster management) minster now. He has nothing to do with security measures, because all this is directly dealt by National Security Advisor Ajit Doval. Not just that, Doval is directly communicating with home ministry officials from the joint secretary and additional secretary ranks. Clearly, this can only happen under Modi’s instructions. A few days ago, on the occasion of Independence Day, Rajnath’s ministry came out with a special feature on one year’s achievements — from August 15, 2014, to August 15, 2015. This is available on the PIB website as well, and has Rajnath’s signatures. An entire paragraph in the feature talks about the Naga deal. The PMO is frowning ever since the feature has been released because Rajnath Singh was kept away from the Naga talk; on directions from the PM, Ajit Doval was the primary person here, too.

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