Uddhav exposed

September 25 2017

After being politically marginalised by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, the Shiv Sena leader Uddhav Thackeray recently remembered his rebel cousin Raj Thackeray. Incidentally, Raj too is not having a good time of late and he is becoming irrelevant in Maharashtra politics. The tragic part is that Raj’s son is suffering from an incurable disease. This gave an opportunity to Uddhav to visit Raj’s son in the hospital. The brothers forgot their differences and reportedly chatted for a long time. Uddhav asked Raj to return to Shiv Sena’s fold and he could get the number two position in the party. Raj seemed amenable to the idea. After a few days, Uddhav sent two seniors of the party to Raj for the final round of negotiations. The leaders are reported to have put certain conditions before Raj after which he lost his cool. The first condition was that Raj will not get any position in the party or the government for three years after his return to Shiv Sena. Secondly, he could not get any position or tickets for his supporters in any election during this period. Raj told the two leaders that this was not acceptable to him as Shiv Sena simply wants to use his support base but was not ready to give him anything in return. The emissaries have passed on Raj’s message to Uddhav. Now the ball is in his Court. If Uddhav wants to take the move forward he will have to take at least two steps forward.

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