Two Ladies’ Dogfight

August 08 2017

A woman MP of the BJP had recently organised a dinner at her official residence. It was a major gathering of BJP MPs and even ministers like Prakash Javadekar and Ananth Kumar were present. Things were going more or less to the script when suddenly two first-time lady MPs got at each other. Starting with heated words, this went on to fisticuffs. When things seemed to get beyond control, central minister of state Niranjana Jyoti was asked to bring peace back. But rather than that, one of the ladies attacked the minister herself. Seeing the nastiness of the situation and anticipating that her dreams of becoming a minister may be shattered, the host then took to the field and somehow restored peace. But then she returned to her seat, she found that the ministers and leaders had deserted the place, fearing more scum to come out.

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