Trinamool to push Didi’s Mission ‘19

July 31 2016

The 2016 win has given Mamata Banerjee courage to nurse dreams of a 2019 victors as well. Didi has already started making preparations for the 2019 General Elections. A few days when he came to Delhi, she stayed back for two days only for this reason. She invited Trinamool Parliamentarians over for dinner, and shared with them what was in her heart. Didi feels if they start now, about 35-36 seats can be got from West Bengal in the coming Lok Sabha elections. Didi has also formed a core group of party Parliamentarians, and Sougat Roy has been made the convener. The committee’s agenda will be to revive the Third Front and have its leaders engage in direct dialogue with Didi. Every member of the core committee has been assigned the task of engaging with specific political parties; the core group will establish a conducive dialogue with them and get them in Didi’s favour. For instance, Sougat Roy has been given the charge of the Congress and NCO, while Derek O’Brian has been given the responsibility for Biju Janata Dal. Sources say Didi has made it clear in her meeting with the Parliamentarians that they should try to maintain cordial relations with the BJP as well. When Dinesh Trivedi was kept out of the core committee, Trivedi spoke to her with the request saying he has good relations with every party and yet he was kept out of the committee. Sensing how delicate the situation was, Didi retorted saying, “You are right. You have good relations with all parties, except ours.” And the dinner lights were dimmed.

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