Traders: “We’re BJP’s New ‘Muslims’!”

November 20 2016

The flowing of more money on the streets on Agra than water in the Yamuna ahead of Modi’s rally has made opposition parties like Congress and Aam Aadmi Party shout: “Howzatt”!
They say BJP is now caught Leg-Before Wicket… where did it get all that money from?
The party shied behind the excuse that its ‘loyal workers’ brought in all the funds. But sources within the party itself say that it has become practically impossible to make even the die-hard party supporter cough up moolah after the currency ban. Even its loyal voters have given up on the party.
Worse: BJP is now facing the ire of its core constituency, the trading community, a majority of them being Hindus.
Party sources confessed that collecting funds from traders this time was like playing with fire. The latter clearly party leaders that they are now BJP’s ‘new Muslims’, and now, deprived of notes, their votes will go to any party that vanquishes the saffrons.
This daring ‘new Muslim’ stance is now making the Hindu party worried sick.

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