Tickets of 125-150 BJP MPs may be cut

February 20 2023

BJP has already geared up for the preparations for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Speculations are also gaining momentum that ‘these elections will be ahead of time, along with the state elections.’ After field survey and much intensive brainstorming, the BJP strategists have managed to finalize two lists. Those seats have been marked in the first list where BJP may have to face defeat. In this list, such Lok Sabha seats have also been identified where there is a fifty-fifty chance of winning or losing. Those Lok Sabha seats have been included in the second list where BJP ‘health’ is fine with the help of the Sangh and the cadre, but the record of the BJP MP there is not good. In the first list, 109 seats have been included, where BJP needs hard work and the Sangh and the party are already working there by connecting with the grassroots. There are 26 seats in the second list where the path to victory is not easy for the party just because of the MP. Based on this survey, BJP has ranked its sitting MPs in a table of 1 to 10. The current 42 saffron MPs are those who have got above 8 marks, they have been kept in the category of ‘excellent’. There are 13 MPs who have barely been able to score two points for themselves. But look at the surprising thing, an MP from Jharkhand has got only 0.9 marks and an MP from Jhabua is being told at the bottom of this table. Sources reveal that he has got the lowest 0.6 marks. It has become clear from the results of this survey that ‘125 to 145 sitting BJP MPs may be denied tickets in the coming general elections’.

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