Thus said Shukla

March 24 2014

The Congress is turning to Dharma during its adverse times. When a new channel decided to hold its programme at Varanasi’s Assi Ghat and a Gujarati Muslim spokesperson Yasmin Khan challenged the Congress asking what were the issues they would place before the voters – Coalgate, 2G, Commonwealth or Robert Vadra, the Congress spokesperson Rajiv Shukla recited a Tulsidas verse in retaliation to the BJP and Modi. Rajiv Shukla also claimed that Tulsidas ji had written the verse in Assi Ghat in Varanasi itself. “Tulsi is sansaar mein, paanch ratan hain saar; sat, sangati or hari bhajan, daya, dharma, upkar.” (The crux of the matter in this world, O Tulsi, are five pearls of wisdom; that of being good, having good company, singing the Lord’s praises, being merciful, righteous and doing good to others. Shukla ji challenged the BJP that Modi had neither of the five qualities. 

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