Throne and Thorns

June 19 2017

Rahul Gandhi’s ascension to the Congress throne could well see him wearing a crown of thorns. As of now, he has not been able to make a clear place for himself under the political sun, even within his own party. Besides, his other friendly parties too are beaming signals that he is still not taken as a mature politico. Recently, when Bengal femme fatale Mamata Banerjee was in town to iron out issues on the coming prez polls, Pappu invited her for cuppa at his place. Mamata Didi, while accepting the invite, however, insisted that the venue to changed from Rahul’s residence to 10 Janpath. Didi’s logic was that she has been an ardent follower of Rahul’s later father Rajeev Gandhi. Besides, Didi said, she could be also meeting the ailing widow of Rajeev, Sonia, who lives there. Is everything so sentimental? May be Rahul will soon grow up as a kid who understands such political nuances!

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