This is how Upadhayay was upstaged

November 10 2014

In an effort to take part in Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan with great gusto, Delhi’s state party president Satish Upadhyay had a face palm moment, and that too at a time when Delhi is about to go to vote. If sources are to be believed, the person behind the idea of taking a broom to clean the area around New Delhi’s India Islamic Centre was Delhi’s lieutenant governor Najeeb Jung. Najeeb wants to emerge as the new leader for the Muslims and he spoke to India Islamic Centre’s President Sirajuddin Qureishi for the same. The latter is a big meat exporter from India and also has pro-BJP leanings. It is believed that after that Jung and Qureishi met with AAP’s Shazia Ilmi and had her to agree for the event along with Satish Upadhyay. But what happened thereafter makes it seem that a broom dusted all their ambitions away.

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