This is how the lotus will bloom in Bihar

October 30 2015

The electoral outcome of Bihar elections might still be under a thick mist, but BJP’s top commander Amit Shah seems to be sure that the NDA will win. Sources say that a few days ago, Shah presented a analytical report to Sangh’s top leadership and Modi concerning the Bihar elections, where he had claimed with all confidence that the NDA will form a government in the state with a clear majority. For this, Shah gave reasons marked by bullet points. For instance, Shah openly praised the party cadre, and said that of the 60,000 polling booths in Bihar, there are 10 party workers per booth, who will not only be bringing the voters to the booth, but will also ensure that their votes are cast properly. No less than 96 lakh party workers are working day and night to lure 6.8 crore voters of Bihar, and are also getting the unconditional support of 70,000 swayamsevaks from the Sangh family. On the other hand, Nitish is completely dependent on Lalu for his cadre. The party is also using the successful Haryana model of electoral campaigning in Bihar, and is bent of making it a 65 vs 35 battle. The Mahagathbandhan has in its favour about 35 per cent votes, which includes Muslims, Yadavs and Kurmis. Thus, Shah believes that the rest 65 per cent votes from other communities and castes will be in favour of the NDA or the BJP. Shah is confident that the state’s upper castes that makes for 15 per cent votes are behind the NDA; of these Paswan will bring in Dusadh (4 per cent); Upendra Kushwaha will get the 8 per cent Kushwaha votes; and Jitan Ram Manjhi will bring in 10-11 per cent Mahadalit votes. Which leaves the rest of 30 per cent backward castes, which are an amalgamation of 114 castes and communities, and these too are leaning towards the NDA. Apart from this, Shah feels the Modi factor is also working well in Bihar; his public rallies are seeing large attendance from women and the youth, which is a positive indication for the NDA. Shah also believes strongly that Nitish’s measured silence to the beef controversy, as well as contradictory reactions by Lalu-Raghuvansh have made the Hindus a tad displeased with the Mahagathbandhan. It is being said that Modi also agrees with this analysis by Shah. That is the reason he has agreed to take part in the 17 rallies of the last three stages.

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