There for those who have none

December 15 2015

Sahara chief Subroto Roy might be going through a rough patch at present, but he is nothing less than a good Samaritan for his fellow prisoners. He has come as one who extends legal help to all those prisoners who aren’t financially capable of doing it themselves. Sources say Saharashri is not only giving free legal advice to many, he has also promised to finance the expenses of court proceedings for many. But he isn’t able to give any legal assistance to his nephew, who is caught in a legal quagmire in Dubai. At the same time, his younger son Simanto was seen with a big UP businessman at a high-profile wedding in Delhi recently. Not just Simanto, the wedding reception was also attended by the likes of famous and infamous people such as Ashok Chaturvedi and Ketan Desai. What an irony that while the father is having to sustain himself on prison food, his son is enjoying wedding spreads.

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