The stubborn son

August 16 2015

During the entire Monsoon Session, it seemed as if Sonia’s faith in Rahul Gandhi has only strengthened. In her eyes, Rahul has emerged as a leader who can not only head the Congress but the country as well. That is why every time Rahul was seen giving a byte to the media, Sonia could be seen at a distance from him and showed her agreement with what he had to say by her body language. This is the reason that despite it not being agreeable to her core group, Sonia went along with several of Rahul’s big decisions regarding the Monsoon Session; one of his biggest decisions being the washout of the session. Although Sonia herself wanted that there be discussions about important bills such as the GST during the Monsoon Session, she gave in when it came to Rahul’s stubbornness.

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