The sailor of a sinking ship

January 13 2014

A sinking ship is looking for allies. The Congress is relying heavily on its coalition parties for the coming general elections. The exercise is on to find new political allies and in Bihar, the last round of talks is over with Lalu and Ramvilas. Lalu is ready to give more than 10 seats to the Congress and the exercise to sway Mayawati is on. The Congress has also offered to Mayavati that if the BSP clears the way for 25 seats for the Congress in UP, the Congress will leave 20 seats in India for the BSP. These 20 seats will be in those crucial states where BSP has public sway, such as Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and so on. Behenji is still thinking over the offer and the Congress is looking at every possible way to have her on its side.

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