The saffrons suffer at a level

November 30 2015

Dissatisfied politicians from the BJP in the states of Jharkhand and Bihar held a secret meeting and have decided that none of them will give individual bytes to the media from now on, and only joint statements will be made. Sources reveal that the meeting was attended by BJP’s candidate from Patna Sahib Shatrughna Sinha, R K Singh from Ara, and former finance minister Yashvant Sinha. Sources say that daggers are drawn between the father-son duo, Yashvant and Jayant Sinha. It is believed that both had a big argument a few days ago, where Jayant put the blame of his dwindling political career squarely on the shoulders of his father, Yashvant Sinha. At the same time, Shatrughna Sinha is lobbying aggressively for a seat for his wife Poonam Sinha in the Rajya Sabha. Sources say he has spoken to Lalu and Nitish individually about this. If sources are to be believed, Shot Gun is not keen on contesting the next Lok Sabha elections either. He has made it clear to those near and dear to him that he wants to live a peaceful life away from politics.

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