The reason behind an upset Pawar

July 25 2012

“Suna hai log usko aankh bhar ke dekhte hain so unke sheher mehin kuchh din theher ke dekhtey hain/ suna hai rabt hai usko kharab haalon se/ so apney aapko barbaad kar ke dekhtey hain.” (It is heard that people can’t tire looking at her/ so I’ve decided to stay for a few days in her city/ It is heard that she is moved by those in a bad plight/ so I’ve decided to ruin myself) These lines by Pakistani poet Ahmed Faraz seem to suit Sharad Pawar perfectly right now. He is upset, with 10 Janpath, with the prime minister. So Congress strategists are looking for a middle path. For this, a new list of demands have been asked of Sharad Pawar, mentioning at least those that aren’t bigger than his over-reaching ambitions. Sources reveal that the four ministries Pawar has given as a choice will not be in tune with what the Congress can give him. These ministries are finance, defence, foreign and home ministry. Pawar wants to see some of his people are governors, and wants an important ministry for his daughter Surpiya Suley and wants Tariq Anwar to be appointed the vice-speaker in the Rajya Sabha. The other wishes may be granted, but being number two for this Maratha stalwart may be just that – a dream.

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