The Rajya Sabha TV scam

July 25 2012

“Tu itney kareeb hai ki tujhe dekhoon to kaise/ thodi si alag ho to tere chehre ko dekhein” (You are so close to me that I can’t even see you/ Come away from me a little so I may see your face). It’s almost like the UPA government and scams have become two sides of the same coin. The newest scam to come to light is that of the Rajya Sabha TV and it came to light in the fresh report by Director General of Audit, Central Revenues. The report talks about several issues but one of the cases is about the optical fibre connectivity (OFC) and worth Rs 70,70,000. The best part is that the officials gave away the project to a private company City Com at its asked-for price without bothering to take the tender route. This job did not include any agreement that was signed, and neither was a performance guarantee sought from the company. It is worth mentioning that the same company was given the contact to lay down IP and phone lines inside Parliament House – again without a tender. Incongruities were also noticed in equipment hiring for Rajya Sabha TV, and Rs 85 lakh was spent annually on this. Apart from this, no TDS was deducted for any of the services because of which Rajya Sabha TV lost Rs 48 lakh last year. There is a lot that is wrong in taxi fares – these alone are nothing less than Rs 60 lakh.

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