The prince in a new avatar

January 25 2016

Rahul baba seems to be a changed man nowadays. Until yesterday, the same Rahul Gandhi who considered older and veteran Congress people to be deadweight for the party and looked hell-bent on giving the 125-year-old party a makeover, has changed his thinking. Now he feels the Congress party has as much need for senior party leaders. So now he is not only asking for their opinions on every issue, he is also talking about including them more in party matters. He is also advising his youth brigade that they should give respect to senior party leaders. Sources say that it is on the advice of some senior party leaders that Rahul has opened the doors to his heart and home for common party workers. Now he is meeting party workers in large numbers, is listening to their issues and problems, and is trying to take immediate action on the same. He is making quick tours to address small and big issues; thus be it Mumbai or Hyderabad, people have witnessed Rahul’s agility on pubic matters.

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