The person behind Brand Rahul

June 07 2015

One person is single-mindedly trying to present Rahul Gandhi in a new avatar — as the rising meteor in the Congress. This individual has full confident in the belief that Rahul has what it takes to bring back the Congress’ lost core vote bank. In other words, the Dalit and Muslim vote banks. It is this person who took Rahul among the Dalit families in Mau, and it is the same person who is preparing a vision document for Rahul on how the Congress can get public backing. For this, he has come up with the “Dil jeeto, rajya jeeto” (win hearts, win states) formula. This means the Congress will work with all its might for elections in states such as Punjab, Bihar, UP and West Bengal, and will try to get back in power and form government in states such as Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. This person in question is K Raju, a retired IAS officer from Andhra Pradesh cadre, who has emerged as Rahul Gandhi’s primary advisor. A Dalit, Raju has decreased the clout of prominent politicians such as Mohan Prakash, C P Joshi, and Madhusudan Mistry in Rahul Durbar.

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