The number of Lok Sabha seats can be up to 880

January 04 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi always thinks ahead of time perhaps that is why without caring for the court ban, he conducted ‘bhumi pujan’ of the new Parliament House in New Delhi and has also set new hopes for the future on the saffron front. Just think about what will happen when Lok Sabha seats undergo delimitation and states will get the representation of seats according to population. At that point, 40 Lok Sabha seats in Bihar can touch 70 in the new delimitation and Madhya Pradesh’s existing 29 Seats can cross the 50 marks. As such, there is an imbalance of Lok Sabha seats by population in the current era. When the last time the number of seats was fixed in the seventh decade, the allocation of seats was done under the principle of giving equal representation to all the states. But after this, the pace of increasing population has disturbed this balance, as the population of North and Eastern states grew fastest, while the rate of increase of population in Southern states remained constant. This is the reason that the total population of Tamil Nadu is less than seven crores and there are 39 MPs of Lok Sabha, whereas the population of Madhya Pradesh is more than seven and a half crores and there are only 29 seats. UP has 80 seats whereas it is the most populous state. For UP, there is one MP on a population of 30 lakhs, while Tamil Nadu has one Lok Sabha seat on a population of 16-17 lakhs. If the population of this 16–17 lakh population is to be measured, then 150 seats have to be made in UP alone. A state like Rajasthan will also have to be given at least 50 seats. One way of this can also be the division of states with more population, as the BJP is thinking in the context of UP. The new Parliament House, which can be completed by October 2022, will have a total seating capacity of 880 members of the Lok Sabha, which can be increased to 1224, in the present Parliament House this capacity is only 550 members. There is a seating arrangement of 250 MPs in the current Rajya Sabha, while arrangements for 332 Rajya Sabha MPs will be made in the new Parliament House. Though there is a ban on increasing the number of seats in Parliament till 2026, the majority government can change the decision whenever it wants. Based on the population and the number of Lok Sabha seats, the Modi government can enact a new delimitation law. Senior journalist and editor Ajit Dwivedi says that it could have been done on the basis of the 2021 census, but due to the corona, the population census of 2021 has not started, but the government can complete it even if delayed it by a year. That is, the elections of 2024 can be done on the basis of newly delimited seats, then the seats of the for South India may remain the same, but the seats in the North and East can increase significantly and this is probably the most favorable for the BJP.

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