The new equation: Modi and media

August 16 2015

Speaking from the ramparts of Red Fort this August 15, Prime Minister Modi’s 90-minute speech was low on decibels. He was seen repeating the old things, and his take on the media seemed a tad soft this time. Not just the speech, Modi and PMO’s perception of the media seems to have changed a little, of late. This is the first time since the formation of the Modi government that media houses were asked if they would like to send their representative with the PM during his two-day foreign tour to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This tradition of a group of journalists accompanying the prime minister had stopped ever since the NDA government came into power on May 2014. Until now, the media houses would bear only the accommodation costs of the journalists accompanying the prime minister. Needless to say, the media groups are indeed surprised at this proposal by the foreign ministry and are wondering how the Modi government is ready to take journalists along to Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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