The miracles of Brand Modi

November 02 2014

Will the BJP benefit from Modi’s Australia’s tour in the Bihar elections? That is because the BJP took full advantage of Modi’s speech in Madison Square when it came to Assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana. And because Modi was the poster boy for the saffron campaign in the two states, and the election war cry may well have changed from “Abki baar Modi sarkaar”, to “Chalo chalein Modi ke saath”, the party worked relentless on getting his Madison Square speech reach all towns and villages. About 20,000 digital vans were used for this and his speech was aired in remote villages where even newspapers can’t reach. In Maharashtra alone, Modi’s speech was aired on seven Marathi channels. The party’s expense for the speech and digital vans came to somewhere between Rs 80 lakh and Rs one crore, and the party spent nearly Rs 25 crore to uplift Brand Modi for the election campaign. That goes on to show that Modi’s publicity team has clean intentions — attack opposing parties with news about corruption and mismanagement, and sing paeans to Modi’s governance and growth. Team Modi wants to step into Bihar elections with this mantra.

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