The ministry takes a strict stance on orphanages

November 15 2014

Ministry of Women and Child Welfare is getting a lot of applications for adoptions of orphaned children from both foreign countries and India. Seeing this, the ministry has asked for a list of all the children who can be adopted from the orphanages that are run by government aid. But the surprising thing is that most orphanages are dragging their feet on this. Several are trying to evade the demand for such a list; some are saying that they don’t have enough children who can be adopted. The reality is that these orphanages receive grants from the government to take care of these children. But where are the children in whose name these funds are being collected? And if there are no such kids, why the funds are being asked? Or why such a reaction to giving away the children for adoption? Are the children being bought and sold from the back door? Sensing this, the ministry has placed before the Cabinet the matter for a change in the Adoption Law.

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