The ministers and the Sangh

August 30 2015

New friendships have a different set of rules. Several Central ministers have complained about the Sangh’s stance to Modi and Amit Shah. Now what is creating trouble for these ministers is that some noted Swayamsevaks of the Sangh arrive at the ministry offices everyday at 10 am. Mr Ministers’ subordinates are busy catering to them all day, they have their meals there, and keep a keen eye on all the people coming and going to meet the ministers. In a way, they make an entire dossier of people coming to meet the ministers. Apart from that, the ministers also get SMSes from two mobile numbers of ministers close to the Sangh, with the request of certain work to be completed for someone they name. After clearing the file, the ministers have to send messages to the phone numbers saying “Sir, you work has been done. Any other orders?” It’s certainly acche din for the Sangh.

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