The mellower Rahul

October 22 2015

Rahul Gandhi is undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts and is trying really hard to bring about changes in his working style as well. One can notice his change of heart when it comes to the party satraps. Last month when Congress’ heavyweight leader in Punjab Captain Amrinder Singh met Rahul at his residence in New Delhi, Rahul’s behavior with the former was a tad dry. Captain wanted he should be projected as the party’s chief ministerial candidate in the coming Assembly elections in the state, while Rahul wanted the Assembly members to choose their leader in case the party comes to power. An upset Captain went back to Punjab but when his closeness with the BJP increased, Rahul sprung to action and he started to send his messengers to have Captain come around. It is believed that Ambika Soni had been given the task to talk to Captain. Sources say that Soni has assured Captain that a middle path will be chosen by the party, and that he should not take an extreme step in a hurry. Sources also reveal that some of Rahul’s close confidantes are also in talks with Captain’s close aide Sunil Jakhar. If all goes well, a decisive meeting in the form of damage control may take place between Captain and Rahul right after Bihar elections.

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