The masterminds of Shah

January 28 2018

BJP’s ‘Chanakya’, Amit Shah, once again seems to have switched on the election mode. Amit Shah’s favourite agency ‘Association of Brilliant Minds’ is seemingly active in many states simultaneously. The agency has begun working on various states of the south, including states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Apart from this, the election work has already begun in Haryana. Indicatively, BJP President Shah will start with his election campaign in full throttle from February itself.
The head of Brilliant Minds, Sunil Kanugolu, used to work for McKenzie. But when Prashant Kishor took over the BJP’s work, Sunil joined him. When Prashant was shown a way out, then Gujarat’s industrialist Deepak Bhai Patel introduced Sunil to Modi and Shah. After that Shah put the agency on work as his in-house agency.
This agency had a very important role in registering a bumper victory for the BJP in the recent UP assembly elections. Most importantly, even after nearly a year of UP elections, a big crunch of the agency is still active in UP, which reports the accounts of BJP legislators and MPs to Shah. Sources reveal that the agency has identified 17 Parliamentary Areas of UP where people are very resentful about their local BJP MPs. So it is a high possibility that in view with the anti-incumbency, Shah might turn down the ticket of those MPs, and instead introduce a few new faces on the ground.
According to sources, the agency also strives on reading the public’s pulse and, from time to time, also gives necessary suggestions to the party president. The debt exemption of UP farmers is said to be a brain-child of this agency.
In Haryana, the agency has suggested the Party President to buy 1100 motorcycles for 90 assembly seats here. Party MLAs and MPs have been asked to identify dedicated party workers in their respective areas to whom these bikes can be given, after which they could ride around villages and boast of the achievements of Modi and the Khattar government. The agency has huge offices in Gurgaon and Lucknow. Shah has strictly instructed the agency workers to stay low-profile and maintain a distance from the media.

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