The life and times of Shivraj

December 29 2014

Looking at Modi government, Shivraj Singh Chauhan is also preparing a report card of his ministers. This is the third consecutive time Shivraj has come to the power and his hat-trick government has completed a year this December. But Shivraj’s mental state is in shreds after seeing his minister’s report cards. For instance, his education ministry under Education Minister Paras Jain could not make use of the Rs 850-crore fund. At the same time, several government school buildings are coming apart; there are 19,000 such schools where there not even a toilet. The agriculture ministry’s report card shows that there is a paucity of fertiliser in the state, and there will be none left to give to the farmers from February. And after that, the farmers will not need any, even if given. The home ministry report card is showing that there are 21 districts in Madhya Pradesh where SIMI has penetrated its roots deeply. Naxal activities are on the rise in Balghat. And Shivraj had hoped that he will win praise from these report cards – what is happening is quite on the contrary.

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