The game of musical chairs between Rahul and Manmohan

December 28 2013

The script for high-voltage drama has been written in the Congress. The rehearsals by actors playing different characters is on; maybe that is why Rahul can’t stop his eyes from welling over at the mention of the Adarsh scam. (According to the demand of the script) He also has a lot of work and seems to be wanting to wash his hands off the prime minister. Thus, Manmohan also says that he is ready to work within the organization. Which means in the coming days, by January 17, the Congress may see a few major changes within the government. The game of musical chairs might start out to play and Rahul and Manmohan may handle each other’s responsibilities. Thus, Rahul may become the new prime minister and Manmohan may become the vice president of the party and the party may see this drama on January 17 at a meeting. On that day, senior and veteran party leaders will praise Rahul and propose his name and the party will announce Rahul Gandhi as the prime minister unanimously. Which means the 2014 Lok Sabha elections may be fought by the Congress with Rahul Gandhi as the prime ministerial candidate. Thus, 2014 elections may turn out to be Rahul vs Modi.

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