The fourth front under Congress’ leadership

March 08 2016

At the same time, the moot question is: Will the Congress win back this lost ground only on the basis of a prominent winnable name? Congress strategists are devising ways to go back to its old vote bank. This includes the traditional voters that had voted for the Congress in the past – Brahmins, Dalits, Muslims, and, to some extent, the backwards castes. Prashant Kishore’s core strategy is to form a coalition under Congress’ leadership; it is being said that Lalu and Nitish are ready to be a part of the coalition. Congress’ talks with Ajit Singh are also at a decisive juncture, and Anupriya Patel’s mother, too, is keen on joining this fourth front. The Congress is also in talks with smaller parties such as the Peace Party. It Ajit favours the coalition, the Jat voters might, once again, lean towards the Congress. After his win in Bihar, Nitish Kumar has emerged as the most prominent leaders for the Kurmis; in UP, Kurmis make for 6-7 per cent of the voters. With Lalu entering the battleground, Yadav votes might stand divided, too. Congress’ regional leaders are also bringing back its biggies; for instance, the Saharanpur area is going to Imran Masood, who has an impressive standing among the Muslim community there. The results of the prime minister’s Kisan rally in Bareilly have given a shot in the arm to the Congress’ hopes.

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