The fight of Yadav Parivar

October 23 2016

Few commercial benefits of some industrial giants are also intervening in escalating the clash of Yadav clan. Expert in collaborating friendship with business, SP’s prime leader Thakur wanted to allot the Lucknow-Balia highway project to his friend Subhash Chandra. Sources claim the project is estimated around 12 thousand crores. Akhilesh insisted on allotting the project through tender when Mulayam talked to him about it. Earlier Akhilesh divided the Lucknow-Agra highway project between four companies. Akhilesh also assigned the tender for a magnificent amusement park in Lucknow to celebrity Sanjay Khan’s company. On the other hand, sources connected to UP CM argue that Amar Singh wanted to give this project to Chandra’s company Essel Group.

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