Fear of internal attack for Rajnath

March 30 2014

The BJP in UP is in a frenzy because of the way tickets are being handed out as one wishes. Ever since Lalji Tandon has lost his claim to Lucknow seat, he’s besides himself with rage. Even assurances of getting a Rajya Sabha tickets isn’t cutting any ice with him. Sources reveal that Lalji Tandon is so upset about Lucknow’s seat being taken away from him that he has secretly had a meeting with Mulayam Singh Yadav along with Suryaprakash Shahi. It is being said that it was after his meeting with Tandon that Mulayam Singh replaced their candidate from Lucknow and has given the ticket to Abhishek Mishra. If the BJP leaders such as Tandon are to be believed, the Brahmins in UP, particularly Lucknow, are upset with the BJP. The same thing was repeated by Mulayam’s minister Manoj Pandey at a press conference. Rajnath Singh’s task in Lucknow won’t be as easy for him since there is a threat of an internal conspiracy against him.


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