The fault in Togadia’s stars

January 24 2018

Vishva Hindu Parishad President Pravin Togadia, who seems really troubled in front of the media, has been consistent in his measures to do away with the ‘faults’ in his stars for the last two-and-a-half years. For the residents of Vasant Vihar area of Delhi, Togadia was a regular sight around 5:30 am on Tuesdays and Saturdays at the Malai Mandir in the past two and a half years. He would first climb up the stairs to the main temple and offer prayers to lord Karthik. After that, he would climb downstairs and orbit nine times around the ‘Navagraha’. Togadia used to visit the temple within a full-fledged security. But from the last week of December, Togadia suddenly disappeared from the radar. The continuous absence of Togadia from the Malai temple raised many questions. The country is now well aware of what happened after that and it is being said that those like Togadia and Sanjay Joshi, who brought harm to the BJP in the Gujarat elections, there is a complete preparation to teach them a lesson.

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