The father-son face-off

August 22 2016

The infighting in Mulayam family just doesn’t seem to be settling down. Someone close to Akhilesh claims that the people surrounding Netaji are against Akhilesh, which is a fact known to all. The same source says Netaji is currently spending most of his time with his second wife Sadhna Gupta, their son Pratik, and daughter-in-law Aparna. The Sadhna family believes Netaji has not done justice to Pratik. Netaji’s brother Shivpal Singh Yadav is angry with Akhilesh because he feels he is following instructions from Prof Ramgopal Yadav; Amar Singh, too, is of the same opinion. Netaji has also got the information that Noida’s Sanju Nagar and Lucknow’s Bhasin amassing wealth with both hands and have the protection of Akhilesh. Three LLCs who have the blessings of Ramgopal have a lot of clout in the UP government. At the same time, Netaji, through his close confidante and bureaucrat Anita Singh, has kept tight reins over Akhilesh and the state bureaucracy. Nowadays, however, Akhilesh is stepping out of his father’s shadow and is running the government – something that is not agreeable to Netaji. Sources say relations between son and father have soured to such an extent that Akhilesh is thinking of shifting to his new home.

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