The dawn of a new Gandhi

March 13 2016

Varun Gandhi, who has been brought up with Gandhi family’s culture and is BJP’s Parliamentarian from Sultanpur, knows well which direction to take and when to forge one’s own path when the winds of change are blowing over the political environment. As a result, thought-provoking articles by him are appearing in national and international newspapers, and he is posing questions in the Parliament as well. His pet hobby is writing poems, however, and it is his form as a poet that is gaining precedence over his being a politician. His birthday is on March 13, and he has found a unique way to celebrate his birthday this year. On his birthday, he will be with the farmers of UP. He is going to visit three villages in Muradabad – Dhaki, Niwar Khas, and Sarkara Param. There, he will hand out cheques of Rs one lakh from his Parliament salary, to each of the families of those farmers who had committed suicide because of financial troubles. It is worth noting that in the past, too, Varun Gandhi has gone to districts such as Agra, Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Sitapur, and Sultanpur, and given financial assistance to farmers there. Before 1995, farmers in UP committing suicide was unheard of, but now it seems like the farmers in the state are going the Maharashtra way. In his poem “In my heart”, the young Gandhi says,

“’In my heart
there is a filigree of death
It will not let me bleed
For as I rise and rise and rise

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