The Congress wants President’s rule

February 07 2012

It may be seen on the surface that this time during the UP elections, under Rahul Gandhi’s leadership, Congress will emerge in the “kingmaker’s” role. The Congress believes that Rahul has put so much into these elections that the Congress can touch up to 60 seats in the UP elections. But a veteran leader from the Rahul coterie has to say that they will not let the Mulayam government form so easy. The Congress leader says that considering the President elections, if the Congress wants to bring its own president, it will have to gain support from both the BSP and the SP. So, if a condition of a hung Assembly arises in the state, the Congress wants the President’s rule for a while, because a new President will be elected. Then the party can decide who it wants to support in forming the government – the SP or the BSP.

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