The Congress upset with the PM

December 06 2015

A meeting between Sonia Gandhi and PM Narendra Modi reeks of politics that is no less than 125 years old. A reliable source with 10, Janpath, claims that the prime minister had invited Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh to his room for an amiable meeting. But the seating arrangement at the prime minister’s room had been arranged like it was a summit meeting. There were just two chairs, which were facing a sofa. Citing protocol, Manmohan Singh was made to sit on the chair and Sonia had no option but to sit on the sofa. The prime minister wanted to establish a dialogue with the Congress on a smooth functioning of the Congress and getting its approval for the GST Bill and any needed amendments. For this, he should have directly addressed Sonia Gandhi and not Manmohan Singh, since it falls upon Sonia and her alone to define the party’s role in the Parliament. With this meeting, a new debate has erupted within the Congress – did Modi knowingly or unknowingly want to put Sonia down?

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